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A concept explanation and problem solving series, exclusively for the students sitting the SAT. We give daily problem sets, and corresponding solution sets for the students to practice and assess their preparation. We also conduct periodic SAT assessments, and provide customised study material to students based on their individual performance, using our comprehensive performance tracker. Students needing live classes can directly get in touch with us for the same. Our experts panel is ready to cater to your needs at all times.

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A fundamentals strengthening Mathematics series, with daily practice sets and corresponding solution sets, to get the students at par with upcoming high school mathematics stuff. This series is also good for students who want to brush up their basics before heading for the SAT. Regular assessments and comprehensive performance reports ensure an all round monitoring and growth for the students and their parents. Live classes with our experts will get you set on the right track. "Mathematics is on us"! Enroll for the series now!