Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ below:

Getting Started:

How does Learning Carte work?

Learning Carte is an online marketplace for both instructors and students. As an instructor, you decide which areas you would like to teach, and we pair you with eager students willing to learn.

How do I get started?

You can register as an instructor under the “Become an Instructor” tab. You will need to input your name, phone number, email, and create a password to create an account. You will also have to accept our Terms & Conditions which are listed here [link].

How do I add information to my profile?

After creating an account, you can navigate to “My Account” and add or edit profile information (basic information, pricing, contact information, and bio) in the “Profile” submenu.

How do I manage my availability?

In the “Availability” submenu found under “My Account,” you can add recurring sessions or one-time sessions. You can also view your availability by day, week, or month.


How do I create a class?

You can create a session or class by navigating to the "Add Classes" submenu under "My Account." From there, you can enter your class's name, cost, frequency, age group, type, grade, dates, description, and an image.

How do I confirm a student has signed up for a session?

You can view upcoming sessions as well as past sessions in your account dashboard under the “My Account” tab.

How do I start a session?

Sessions are automatically scheduled for you through Zoom. You can access the session by clicking the Zoom link found in your account dashboard.

How do I use Zoom?

Please see Zoom’s FAQ here

What happens if my Zoom link is not working?

Please see Zoom’s FAQ here If you are still having difficulties, please contact us at admin@learningcarte.com

How do I reschedule or cancel a session?

Because our class sessions involve multiple students, it can be logistically challenging to reschedule a session. That said, we understand that you may have to reschedule a session to accommodate a more urgent matter. If you need to reschedule, please email admin@learningcarte.com

What is an introductory session?

An introductory session allows students to receive a free glimpse into what a class will be like before they commit to taking the class.


How do I change my account information?

You can navigate to “My Account” and edit account information (basic information, pricing, contact information, and bio) in the “Profile” submenu.

How do I upload or change my profile picture?

You can click “Edit” under the “Profile” submenu to upload or change your profile picture. We recommend all instructors have a profile picture if possible. If you are concerned about your privacy, please read our Privacy Policy.

How can I list a subject to tutor?

You can click “Edit” under the “Profile” submenu and navigate to “Course Information” to edit the subjects and grade levels you’d like to teach.


How will I receive payments?

You will receive a Paypal payment or direct deposit to the banking organization you listed. Please note Learning Carte deducts 25% of all earnings for our overhead costs which includes a 3-5% transactional processing fee.

Can students request a refund for a session they felt was unsatisfactory?

A student may receive a credit for the session if the instructor does not show up without prior notice or ends the class abruptly without prior notice

Can I list Learning Carte on my LinkedIn and Facebook profile?

You may list Learning Carte on your profile pages. But please note that you are acting as an independent contractor and you are not on the Learning Carte payroll.

How should I handle taxes on my Learning Carte earnings?

At the end of the year, you will receive a 1099 form for tax purposes.

How does Learning Carte help Instructors?

We try to make our instructor experience as best as possible in a few ways:
1. Learning Carte uses various digital marketing and local/state/national marketing channels to promote instructors and their classes.
2. Learning Carte also invests in collecting reviews and feedback from students/parents and constantly updates the technology platform in order to make the Instructor selection and overall learning experience relatively seamless for students.
3. Learning Carte is building an online community of instructors that can share best practices and tools that can be used in tomorrow’s digital classroom.
We encourage all of our instructors to follow our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.