Math Olympiad Class
Mon & Thurs | 1:00pm ET | 3 students - 7-15

$ 80.00

Description of class

Introductory class for fourth graders and other elementary school age children with an interest in challenge math problems and the Math Olympiad.

Additional Info

This course is designed to introduce the Math Olympiad to elementary and middle school students.  We will work on actual past Math Olympiad problems and learn concepts related to algebra, geometry, number sense and theory, visual / spatial problems, probability, work, rates, ratios, and proportions, exponents, radicals, linear equations, systems of equations, and perhaps some work with polynomials.  The problems are quite challenging in nature; students should be seeking a class that will be, generally speaking, substantially rigorous for an elementary age student.  Classes will be conducted from 1pm-1:45pm, two days a week, sometime Monday - Thursday.

Robert Feagin

I graduated with BA in history from Stanford. I have been an SAT tutor for 10+ years in Atlanta, GA. My websites are www.satmarketplace.com and www.sattutors.com. My students have attended many fine academic institutions, including Stanford. I also tutor for the SSAT and the ACT for many students. I tutor English and Math and some science as well as history. I like to run, walk, and exercise. I have a great dog named Asa.