Summer Art Classes  
5 classes | M-F 10:00-10:55am ET - 7-11 years

$ 60.00

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This class will be held Monday - Friday, 1 hour.
5 Classes

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Week 1:     Summer Flowers – Line Drawing 

Introduction drawing and patterns.

To record different types of drawing marks in Art, i.e., stippling, dots and dashes, scribbling, hatching, cross hatching of a pretty summer flower drawing composition using line patterns.

Materials: A4 black and white paper, HB Pencil, ruler, black fine liner marker and white gel pen, sharpener, rubber.

Week 2:   Black and White Photograph Face creating Patterns- Painting

Developing and understanding tonal values and using patterns.

Materials: Poster or acrylic paints or watercolours, or watercolour pencils, drawing paper to draw onto.  Portrait photograph (close up of face only) HB pencil, ruler, sharpener, rubber. 

Week 3:    Card Robot- Sculpture

Introduction to 3D Construction using construction card or thin packaging card.

Materials: Sheets of A4 black and white plain paper. Thin packaging card (one colour), acrylic paints, paint brushes, water rag to clean brushes, masking tape, wet glue in a container with a nozzle, scissor or craft knife and cutting mat, HB pencil, ruler, sharpener, rubber.

Week 4:   Optical Art Patterns – Masking Tape Art using Oil Pastel (Blending)and Water Colours (Bleeding)

Materials: White drawing paper, oil pastels, and or water colours. Poster paints, HB pencil, ruler.


Week 5:    Ace/King/Queen/ Jack Playing Card Designs -Coloured Pencil Drawing

Materials: White drawing paper, coloured pencils, HB pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener.



Reya Sonthalia

Reya loved the fun art class with Ms Arati so much that she would indeed take it a thousand times over. Ms Arati is very patient teacher and Reya loves it!

Aron A

This is the real fun and colorful art class I have been to. Kids were given free hand, first drawings and paintings are always exciting. Had a great time. Thank you

Jay S.

This is great class. The teacher really knows how to adapt projects for the age group of this class, and so the process and techniques used were making it an enjoyable experience for my child.

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Arati Reddy-Devlin

ART AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE - PROFILE Arati is a UK trained and qualified Art & Design Teacher and experienced Design Technology teacher with 18 years teaching experience. Arati is a practicising artist and brings authencity and passion to her lessons . She can deliver inspirational and imaginative lessons on line to children between the ages of 5 -11 years old. Arati also has a MEd in Education (Applied Linguistics) and has amelioated Speech and Language difficulties for EAL early learners. Arati can guide students' artistic, academic, and language development, as a knowledgeable and qualifed teacher and has the ability to inspire high achievement in young learners. Arati has Enhanced DBS clearance, and is highly qualified in Art and TEFL Grammar as a native English speaker with a neutral accent.