Writing Competition Class  
Tues & Thurs | 8 classes - 12-16

$ 65.00

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Timings are flexible
This class is currently scheduled for:
Tuesday: 5-6pm ET
Thursday: 7:00-8:00pm ET

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Do you want to try you hand at a national writing competition? Why not take a class to polish your short story skills.

Class 1- Character: What are the elements of a solidly written character? What do readers look for when reading? You will read famous examples and participate in a variety of exercises to create real, interesting characters that your readers will fall in love with.

Class 2- Setting: What are the elements of a vivid setting? Will readers get lost in the world? Is it realistic? Does everything make sense (Example Sci fi- Space elements, no oxygen, different gravity, space ship, etc…)? You will read famous examples and participate in a variety of exercises to construct worlds that your readers will lose themselves in.

Class 3- Conflict: Sword versus sword, gun versus gun, fist versus fist, conflict is not just good guy versus bad guy. Every story has a conflict, even Winnie the Pooh or the Cat in the Hat. You will read famous examples and participate in a variety of exercises to identify and produce inspired conflicts.

Class 4- Plot and Story: In this last class we will generate ideas and a storyline for you to carve out a short story, including determining your exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. You will read famous examples and then put your skills to use in formulating your writing piece.

After this we will choose a contest for you to participate in. 

http://www.youngarts.org Are you a 15- to 18-year-old visual, literary or performing artist? Applications for the 2021 competition is now open through October 16, 2020.


Receive: • Cash awards • Mentorship by accomplished artists • A lifetime of creative and professional support • A peer network of distinguished artists • Nomination for U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts • National recognition ELIGIBILITY • Be a citizen of the United States or permanent resident/green card recipient (copy of the documentation is required in the application) • Be in grades 10–12 or 15–18 years of age on December 1 of the year you are applying.

Have not already been named a YoungArts finalist and previously attended National Young Arts Week

https://bowseat.org/programs/ocean-awareness-contest/ Students ages 11-18 Open for submissions in September 2020. The ocean makes life on Earth possible—regulating global climate, producing more than half of the oxygen we breathe, and holding nearly 97% of Earth’s water. Global ocean systems largely influence life on land, even hundreds of miles from a coastline. Salt, fresh, warm, or cold, all water is connected through the water cycle. We live on a water planet. Like our human bodies, 70% of Earth is water, and this water is continuously in motion: it rises from the ocean, creates clouds in the sky, and returns to land as rain or snow. This precipitation soaks into the ground; collects in freshwater streams and lakes; is taken up by trees and plants; and sustains every living being it encounters on its journey—bacteria, fish, insects, birds, mammals, and of course, humans. When you drink water, you are consuming water molecules that have been around the world, cycling through Earth’s ecosystems for billions of years. All life needs water, and where there is water, there is life. The 2021 Ocean Awareness Contest theme WATER RISING challenges students to explore and understand their connection to water, and to creatively communicate the need to protect this vital resource. What are the stories we need to tell about water to sustain and conserve it for current and future generations of life on Earth?

A CREATIVE CHALLENGE FOR TEENS WORLDWIDE Why participate? • Grow your skills in communication, critical thinking, creativity, and environmental advocacy. Use your artwork to raise awareness for critical issues impacting our blue planet. • Build your portfolio and make art in your preferred medium, or practice a new one! Add to your resume with a global participation certificate. • Join Bow Seat’s global community of 18,000+ young people that care about the ocean, environmental justice, and climate action. • Earn cash awards of up to $1,500!

https://www.artandwriting.org/ How do I enter work in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards?

Get started early! Submissions are only open from September through December or January (deadlines vary by region), but it is never too early to get started! Short Story Category Description A fictional narrative written in prose. Special Instructions Short Stories in which humor or science fiction/fantasy are key elements should be submitted in those respective categories. Limits 500–3,000 words. Eligibility To participate in the Awards, you must be a student in grades 7–12, age 13 years or older, and residing in the United States, U.S. territories or military bases, or Canada. Blind Judging The Scholastic Awards are adjudicated without knowledge of the artists; or writers’ identity. Please make sure that your submission does not contain any personal information. Freedom of Expression Young artists and writers are free to explore any and all topics. There are no pre-defined prompts and no work is ever disqualified from the Scholastic Awards because of the nature of its content. Explore Our Timeline! The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards were founded in 1923 and, for nearly a century, have inspired bold ideas in creative teens throughout the country. Explore our interactive timeline to learn more about the Scholastic Awards, our Alumni, and our jurors. View archival films and documents and see original work by some of our notable Alumni!


Jennifer Li

Very good class and good teacher

Madison Z.

Out of all the writing teachers I ever had, Ms. Warring is the only one that provides a good understanding of the concept of writing as a whole. Thank you Ms. Warring for teaching me!

Angelina W.

The class is intriguing and informing. An individual can learn a variety of writing skills and mechanics from it. The instructor, Ms. Warring, is always on her feet finding new competitions we can join based on our interests and continues to fascinate us with her unique prompts every week. The class is very enjoyable and as a one of her students, I would definitely continue to take the class given the opportunity.

Sarah Warring

Sarah Warring has a B.A. in English Education, a M.S. in Literacy, and is New York State certified in English Language Arts. She is passionate about reading and writing and loves to make the subject fun. Sarah has been writing for over 20 years. She has been an unofficial and official English/Literacy/Writing teacher for the past 10 years in classrooms and various organizations. Sarah has been involved in several organizations including the Utica Writers Club and National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and was accepted to the Inaugural Yale Writers' Conference. In the past, she has run writing workshops for various organizations for grades 3rd through post-secondary. Using hands-on techniques, the workshop was a complete success with parents and students alike. Mrs. Warring just finished a talk for the World Literacy Summit, called “The Healing Power of Words: Why Bibliotherapy can Make a Difference.” This talk is online but was originally slated for Oxford University.