Python (Intermediate) Bootcamp
1 hour | 6pm ET - 9-13

$ 112.50

Description of class

The class size is 3:1. The bootcamp would be spread over 5 classes, over the course of which the students would revise the basic concepts of syntax, statements etc and go on to work with algorithms, solve problems using loops and design a few mini projects like an interactive tic-tac-toe game!

Additional Info

The python bootcamp intermediate program is designed for students who already have an inclination towards coding and have some prior experience with coding (not necessarily python). We will be starting by revising and consolidating the basic concepts like syntax, variables , statements etc and then build on top of it by learning about loops, algorithms, logic building etc. We will have problem sets for each class, and along with that the students would be highly encouraged to go beyond the problems given in the set. After all, coding is all about thinking and implementing, with no limits whatsoever! 

There will be few mini projects where the students get to combine what they learn throughout the course of the classes, and have fun thinking about the logic in the background, writing algorithms for it and implementing them efficiently.