Python (Beginners) Bootcamp
1 hour | 6pm ET - 9-11

$ 75.00

Description of class

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The bootcamp would be spread over 5 classes, over the course of which the students would be learning basic concepts like python syntax, variables, simple input-output programs, conditional statements and simple data structures.

Additional Info

Coding is not only about opening an editor and writing code. It's about solving problems; building logic and understanding how to implement the logic through code. The python bootcamp is going to be a journey of creativity, ideation, problem solving, logic building, writing codes and seeing your ideas turn into reality. The students would be free to let their thoughts wander far and wide, and any questions that crop up during the class. They will be getting interesting problems to work on, both during and after the class. There will be no hard and fast homework assignments; instead the students would be encouraged to devise their own ideas around the homework prompts (problem statements) given. 

Since this is the beginners bootcamp, each and every small component will be discussed in detail and the students need not know anything about coding before going up for this class. The pace and content would be adjusted according to the class need. Sign up now to let your child be a part of this interesting bootcamp!

Aniket Gupta

I have completed my bachelor's degree in engineering from one of the premier IITs in India. From the 2nd year of college itself, I have been working passionately in the field of k-12 education as well as mental well being for school students. I teach students of grades 5 till high school, in one-to-one or group sessions focused on subjects: Math, Physics, Coding and Robotics. I am well versed with the school curriculum in the USA and UK (neighbouring European countries too). My total teaching experience is about 5 years, in which I have mentored students across various educational boards and countries of education. My classes are entirely focused on making the students self-reliant and less dependent on such classes! Customised study material and a fun-filled, conducive learning experience are my flagship offerings to the students. For students' parents i prepare insightful reports on their child's academic as well as general progress in life, because i take bonus mental well being sessions apart from the regular paid sessions. Do give a try to 'learning with me'!