Public Speaking - Through Performing Arts  
8 Classes | Thursdays I 1x Week I 45 mins -

$ 100.00

Description of class

In this class you will develop the skills to speak publicly and learn to create and deliver speeches with more comfort and ease.

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We will use our imagination to express, present ideas, ground our bodies and build confidence to communicate with others. If you are looking for a fun creative space to express yourself, look no further, this class is for you!

The class will explore various styles of speeches, what makes them effective, provide relaxation and preparation tools, help you organize your message and give you plenty of opportunities to speak out loud.


Moksh P

It was great experience to attend this class. The design of the concepts and making it most fun for kids and building their confidence is the best.

Akira S

Highly recommend. My daughter was too shy to open up in front of people in the beginning but instructor was so nice that just in initial classes she became confident and started loving with each passing class.

Abhi N.

We enjoyed this class. It helped kids to understand team work and effective communication through the creative sessions and activities.

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Christine Suero

I am a lover of all things creative and consider myself an actor in the business of helping other actors. I acquired my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University at Albany and fell in love with acting my senior year. I have written, performed and produced two award winning one woman shows, an original comedic web-series and acted in films and plays. I most recently serve as a spokesperson and appear on NBC New York Live and ABC's Windy City Live. I thoroughly enjoy working with children and have years of experience fostering their growth and development both inside and outside of the classroom. It is a great passion of mine to help others express their artistry and harness their creative power.

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