Math Olympiad - Elementary  
4 Classes | 1 x week | Sun 11:30am ET -

$ 60.00

Description of class

The classes will be focused at improving problem solving skills, enhancing speed and inculcating critical as well as creative thinking in the students. These key skills will prepare them for the Math Olympiad (MOEMS) and other such contests in general.

Additional Info

Math at its core is about building concepts and then applying them to solve problems. When this is done in the right manner, with the right concepts and the right problem sets, students start to appreciate the beauty of mathematics. In the ACE Olympiad package, my ultimate focus is to develop this sense of appreciation for mathematics in my students. In the process, we will be a learning a lot of new concepts and a lot of different problem solving approaches. Students will be developing their own approaches to solve problems, which will be an instrumental skill in acing the math Olympiad. The classes won't be driven by a chapter wise syllabus, instead it will be a "learning while solving" curriculum for the students. A good hold on basic mathematics and an interest in solving interesting (seemingly difficult) problems will be a preferred match for the classes. The class would be on Sundays every week and will be 2 hours in length. There will be an in-class problem set, which will lay the premise for the class and there will be a practice problem set for the students after class. There will be no limits to concepts or thinking; the students would be free to let their minds wander and bring in innovative problem solving approaches.  


Alissa B.

Very good ! We loved this class. My daughter gained a lot of math perspective from this class and now is more eager to count beyond just his fingers!

Yoni K.

This class was absolutely wonderful! My son learned and had fun while taking this class. This teacher is excellent and makes learning so much fun. . Thank you!

Aimee S.

This was a great class. It's perfect for elementary level of olympiad facts for kids. Gives great strategies for solving equations quickly.

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I have completed my bachelor's degree in engineering from one of the premier IITs in India. From the 2nd year of college itself, I have been working passionately in the field of k-12 education as well as mental well being for school students. I teach students of grades 4 till 10, in one-to-one or group sessions focused on subjects: Math, Physics, Chemistry and Robotics. I am well versed with the school curriculum in the USA and UK (neighboring European countries too). My total teaching experience is a little more than 3 years, in which i have mentored students across various educational boards and countries of education. My classes are entirely focused on making the students self-reliant and less dependent on such classes! Customized study material and a scientifically curated learning experience are my flagship offerings to my students. For students' parents i prepare insightful reports on their child's academic as well as general progress in life, because i take bonus mental well being sessions apart from the regular paid sessions. Do give a try to 'learning with me'!