Learn Japanese
45 min | 3-6 Students - 8-15 Years

$ 55.00

Description of class

Hi, This class is an introduction to Japanese language including basic pronunciation, casual greeting sentences, and cultural aspects to younger kids (elementary or middle school) about 2 weeks 2x a week session and size of 3-6 students.

Additional Info

After this class, students will have a basic idea how to spell and speak basic phonetic symbols, they will have an idea of cultural differences in Japan, and how to say common greeting sentence that will be enough to cover travel use.


I am currently a rising senior Economics major at University of Maryland. I am working as a peer mentor in Economics department, my main job is to guide freshman students and give them advice on how to reasonably arrange their four-year-college classes to Graduate. I am really interested in your company because I am actively pursuing a career as a tutor and I like the way of remote teaching. I had a job as an English tutor in China to teach elementary school and middle school students English speaking, writing, and American cultures and I enjoyed being a tutor a lot. I am native in Chinese and I do speak Japanese and studied in Japan before, so I would love to conduct lessons on Chinese, Chinese culture, Japanese, and Japanese culture if possible to make classes more diversified and interested.