Kids “Improv Yourself!”  
4pm-5pm ET | M-W-F - 4-10

$ 60.00

Description of class

In this exciting class, you will build confidence, laugh a lot, learn how to listen and support your teammates, explore areas outside of your comfort zone, all while being supported and uplifted in a fun, judgement free environment.

Improv has brought so many wonderful things to my life. I’ve made great friends, calmed social anxiety, and become more comfortable with public speaking. I can act on the fly when need be, and I’ve developed excellent problem solving skills. What we do on stage (or for now, computer screen!) translates to what we do off “stage.” You’ll want to say “Yes, and…” to this class!

Additional Info

Class Structure
This class will meet on Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 4:00-5:00pm ET

We all meet in a “circle.” Class can start by:
• A getting to know you game: “My name is Morgan and I like (something that starts with an M)”
• We say one thing we are grateful for.
• We play “copy my sound/gesture.” Everyone gets a turn – to get the “sillies” out.

Writing Prompt:
• I will ask a new question each class. This will get imagination and creativity flowing. We will use something from our writing as inspiration during class.

• Beginning classes – I will teach a few basic improv rules and how to’s
• As the classes advance, I will provide more advanced games and exercises
• Game examples:
o “One word story” – everyone in class adds one word to a cohesive story that we build together
o “Two person scene” – we give a location and relationship, and two students at a time improvise a short scene
o “I Like…” – We pick an object and one person at a time describes all the things they “like” about it. When they get stuck, someone else taps in. This teaches team building and trust
o “Props” – a single prop that everyone would have at home. We go around the circle and see how many different ways we can think to use it/or how many objects we can turn it into.
o “Emotional Story” – Everyone is assigned a different emotion. We tell the same story (a rough version of something we all know, or could be made up) but when its your turn, you add on to the story with the emotion you’re assigned.
o “Take something from our writing” – We will take something from our writing and apply it to a two person scene

Ending “circle”
• We reflect on class
o What lessons did we take away from today?
o What did we notice about ourselves? About watching someone else?
o How do we feel now as compared to the beginning of class?
o What did we learn about improv today?
o Did you do something for the first time today?
o Are you inspired by work you saw today?
o Was anything hard today?
• We go around the circle, and say one thing we are excited for in the upcoming week. (This can change every class!)

Each class will require at least a pen/pencil and piece of paper. If props are needed, I will let parents know ahead of time.


Anu G

My daughter really enjoyed the sessions by Ms. Morgan and wished she had started the first week. I will be on the lookout for more Improv classes.

Tanya G

Samik and Tanya had a blast with Ms. Morgan and would love to continue more classes with her!

Anita R

"Ms. Morgan is sweet, kind, fun and thoughtful! She is a great teacher. You ask very good questions. I liked the games most of all.” He missed couple classes due to our vacation planned. He wish he didn’t have to miss those sessions.

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Morgan Hammel

I have lived in New York City as an actor for the past 8 years. I have a BFA in Acting from the Hartt School with a focus on Shakespeare. I have written multiple one act plays that have been produced in the city. I have also placed in the finals for several monologue writing competitions. I have been in commercials, TV shows, web series, and Off Broadway. I have a great love for theater and acting, but I truly feel that my calling is teaching children. I am really looking forward to going back to school to earn my Master's in Early Childhood Education next spring. I am thrilled to bring my theater background to the classroom.

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