California & World History
4-6 students - 6-11

$ 60.00

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Learn about California & World history with a certified teacher.

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Core Curriculum in California & World history

Emilie Jones

I am a positive, patient, creative, and outgoing teacher. I have worked with kids in professional educational settings for 8 or more years. I have been a tutor, a mentor, a pediatric researcher, and a full-time classroom teacher for science, math, and reading for the past 5 years. I am very passionate about providing a high-quality and engaging education for students where they enjoy learning and are held to high-quality expectations focused on important foundational skills such as reading and writing in all subjects. After college graduation, I joined Teach for America and taught reading classes, coached cross country and track, and supported other classrooms in addition to my main position as the 6th grade science teacher. After my two-year commitment to the program and receiving my Master's degree in Education from BU, I moved to Los Angeles where I worked for another charter school network called Alliance College-Ready Public Schools in south LA where I became a 7th grade science teacher and Team Lead. I also ran the LA marathon with 17 middle school students from my school, coached an Odyssey of the Mind Team to regional competitions, and tested students for their reading levels over summer.