Personalized Live Coding Lab (2-to-1 Ratio)
Multiple Slots Available | 1-3 students - 10-13

$ 152.00

Description of class

Please email for your preferred time and day. We teach weekly recurring private (1 to 1), semi-private (2 to 1), small-group (3 to 1) coding classes to students. Our goal is to inspire students to solve problems creatively, logically and collaboratively. Students will learn to create video games, robots, websites, virtual reality apps, and much more! Programming languages include Scratch, Python, JavaScript, C++, Java, Minecraft Modding, Robotics, Roblox, and much more. No prior experience necessary. Our teachers are based in Silicon Valley!

Additional Info

Class Experience

Note: Each week's theme, topic, and goals are created for each student at the beginning of class. This is a lab environment where each student receives individual attention on the projects and goals that they have decided to work on after conversation and evaluation from their teacher.

Our classes give students personalized coding education that fits their interests and goals. Because each student is unique, each student will receive a custom curriculum designed just for them. We have 13+ topics and programming languages for the student to try, and hundreds of projects they can work on with their teacher, in order to gain the necessary skills.

Topics include Robotics, Python, JavaScript, Scratch, Python, and much more.

This lab is held in a 3-to-1 ratio and each student will have a direct video and screen-share connection with the instructor. Even though a teacher will be teaching 3 students at the same time, all students will be working on their own independent project and topic. This allows students to get a fully personalized learning environment where they can go at their pace, challenge themselves, and get creative with their work.

Learning Goals

Our goal is to inspire students to solve problems creatively, logically and collaboratively. Because programming is a lifelong skill with thousands of applicable uses, we set each student's learning goals each session based on their age, interest, and previous experience. Every lab session, if the student has attended one of our lab sessions before, then we will review their previous work and set new goals for this session.

Supply List

We recommend each student have their own device, such as a Chromebook, laptop, or computer. Tablets, like iPads, will work as well until the student is advanced enough that they will be typing more often.


Students may finish their projects at home, on their own time, if the parent would like to require it or if the student chooses to do so. But it is not a requirement for us. We will teach at the student's comfort level and will challenge students based on where they are at each week.


Code With Us is a venture-backed technology education organization founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley, CA. We teach students a variety of skills through coding education that include popular programming languages, robotics, virtual reality, 3D printing, creative game design and much more. Our students actively participate and have won many coding competitions. We are the first organization in California to provide customized coding curriculum for schools. Currently we are teaching approximately 2600 students.