Paleontology: Deep Dive Into Time
4-6 students - 8+

$ 40.00

Description of class

Have you ever been fascinated with Mesozoic monsters, terrified by Jurassic giants, or just intrigued by prehistoric peculiarities? If so, then this might just be the course for you! Together, let’s take an introductory look into the history of life on earth.

Additional Info

We will look at the eras in the fossil record, along with the creatures inhabiting them, and cover the fundamentals of paleontology. Disclaimer: While I am eager to teach, I am a paleontology enthusiast, using my interest in the subject, along with my knowledge of evolutionary biology, to instruct.


I am a rising Sophomore at Cornell University. Currently, I’m pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences. Be it through conducting and presenting lab work in class, collaborating to establish case theories and testimonies in mock trial, or carrying out lessons as a children’s Bible study leader, I love working with others to ensure mutual growth.

Since early childhood, I’ve been fascinated with the study of organisms, both past and present, and I wish to share this passion. 


I was at the top of my AP Biology course and am more than willing to offer aid in the course, along with sharing what I’ve been taught in collegiate courses. 


I can also offer advice in the world of research to prime prospective undergraduates. Coming in, scientific literature can seem intimidating, but I can share what I’ve been taught to mitigate that. Together we can learn to dissect daunting papers and communicating science accessibly.

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