Mission to Mars
5:30-6:30pm ET - 10-13 Years

$ 50.00

Description of class

This class will be held once a week from Wednesday

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Simulation of the preparation for the first human mission to Mars. Students can choose to learn about either the engineering needed to design the ship, the route, and the rover; the geology of the planet, landing site, and goal of the mission; the biology of keeping Marsnauts alive in space and on the planet, and detecting possible life forms. We could also choose to study just one of these topics, or hold 3 different sessions to give each topic the time it really needs.

Kathy Baka

Even though I am retired, I cannot imagine not being active in education in some capacity until I am no longer functioning. I continue to learn new methods, new technologies, and new information in order to satisfy my own curiosity and in order to do a better job. I even write curriculum as a sort of hobby when I don't have a reason to write it for work. In my many years of experience, I have written curriculum for history and science museums, taught in a health museum, and taught in schools; urban, suburban and rural; public, parochial and private; community colleges and one university. I have taught grades 2-16, and I have prepared the next generation of teachers. For the last thirty years, I have mostly taught in classes for the gifted, grades 3-8, in which I have created my units and written my own curriculum. My training in gifted education has honed my ability to teach critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity, and these three processes are what I focus on in designing my classes. I can teach a variety of things from roller coaster physics, to natural disasters, epidemiology, to cultural appreciation, to Native American cultures. I am really excited to begin offering courses through learning carte. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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